America has made a big claim about Russia. He says that if the Russian army invades Ukraine, then there will be mass slaughter. The army has also prepared a hit list, in which the names of those people are to be targeted. 

n: If Russia invades Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine), then there will be mass slaughter. America claims that Russia has prepared a hit list. Its target is critics, anti-Moscow and weak sections of Ukraine. The Russian army will selectively put these people to death. However, Russia has denied this. Let us inform that after Russia recognized the two provinces of Eastern Ukraine as separate countries, the war between the two countries is considered almost certain.

US expressed apprehension by writing a letter

According to the news published in our affiliate website WION quoting the Washington Post, Ambassador Bathsheba Nell Crocker, US representative to the United Nations and other international organizations, has written a letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet. . In which he has claimed that Russia’s plan is to massacre Ukraine on a large scale.

List prepared with name

The ambassador wrote in the letter, ‘We have credible information which shows that the Russian army has prepared a hit list, which will be implemented after the attack on Ukraine. It contains the names of those who are to be put to death or kept in detention camps. America says that Russia will target those who oppose it. Including Russian and Belarusian dissidents, journalists, anti-corruption activists, minorities and LGBTQI+ communities living in Ukraine.

Water on efforts to avert war

The letter warns of widespread human rights violations and abuses as well as the use of unjustified force against protesters. Significantly, after Russia recognized the two provinces of eastern Ukraine as separate countries, all the equations have been reversed. Earlier, it was believed that due to the efforts of the President of France, the threat of war has reduced, but now the war is considered almost certain.


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