Russia-Ukraine Conflict Update: Russia has conducted maneuvers in the Black Sea with a nuclear drill in Belarus. According to the Reuters report, Russia has surrounded Ukraine from three directions. Vladimir Putin himself monitored the nuclear drill.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Updates: The threat of war between Russia and Ukraine is not over. US President Joe Biden has again expressed fears that Russia may attack Ukraine at any time. He has also expressed the fear that this time Russia can directly attack Ukraine’s capital Kiev. 

This drill increased concern

Meanwhile, Russia has conducted maneuvers in the Black Sea with a nuclear drill in Belarus. According to the report published in Reuters, Russia has surrounded Ukraine from three sides. Putin himself has monitored this nuclear drill. There is still a gathering of Russian forces on the Ukraine border. While Russia had announced the withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border. Despite this, the number of Russian soldiers is increasing there. Shelling has increased in eastern Ukraine. 

Russia has deployed heavy weapons, including fighter aircraft, military vehicles, on the Ukrainian border. No one knows what is going on in Putin’s mind, but in this situation, geopolitical experts believe that when there is a war-like situation between two countries, then nuclear drill increases that  danger.

Efforts continue to stop the war

Amidst the tension, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has invited Russia for talks. He said that Russia should decide the place where the leaders of both the countries can sit and settle this dispute. Let us tell you that Russia has not yet given any answer to this initiative. On the other hand, talking about Western countries, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that Russia is preparing for the biggest war in Europe after the Second World War of 1945. At the same time, Germany and Austria have asked citizens of their countries to leave Ukraine.

Putin’s Secret Game!

Russia has started evacuating people living near the border with Ukraine. People are being evacuated from Donetsk, adjacent to the Ukrainian border, and sent directly to Russia. According to the news agency, passports have been issued to 7 lakh people so far. Let us tell you that Donetsk is allegedly occupied by Russian-backed separatists. Officials here say that the Ukrainian army has been attacking for the past several days. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced financial assistance of 10 thousand rubles (about 10 thousand rupees) to every citizen evicted from there.


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