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 Every day some research and study is being done on the corona virus. Scientists also made corona vaccine. Due to which there was relief from Corona to a great extent. In India too, most people have got the corona vaccine. If you have had the vaccine, then you would know that it is given through injection. But scientists at McMaster University in Canada have developed an anti-Kovid-19 vaccine to be taken through the nose. Let us explain how this will work.

The study has been published in the journal Cell

This has been told in a recently published study in the journal Cell. According to this study, McMaster University has prepared an inhaled vaccine. Scientists claim that the new inhaled vaccine will prove to be effective on all variants of the corona. This vaccine will be inhaled, hence it is also called aerosol vaccine. To protect against Coronavirus, it directly targets the lungs and respiratory tract. Therefore it can prove to be effective. 

Vaccine develops a special kind of immunity

It has been told in the journal that this is a study based on animal model. According to our partner website WION, the researchers who prepared it say, most of the vaccines target the spike protein of the corona through which it enters the body. The vaccine may prove to be less effective if the variants are changed, but our vaccine targets different parts of the virus. Researchers claim that this vaccine develops a special kind of immunity, which gives protection from corona to a great extent.  

Will work only with low dosage

According to the researchers, very few doses of the drug are needed in the inhaled vaccine. Researchers say that only 1 percent of the dose of the current needle vaccine will be enough in this. At the same time, the Chinese inhaled vaccine that came last year requires only one-fifth as compared to the intravenous vaccine.

t McMaster University in Canada have developed an anti-Covid-19 vaccine administered through the nose. Let us explain how this will work.


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