Ms Truss aforesaid the united kingdom was operating with country on “defence and security capability”.
“We are providing them with support,” she said. “We also are operating to assist them with their energy resilience. therefore they don’t seem to be only addicted to Russian energy provides. which is that the approach ultimately that we’ll facilitate support country.”

Ms Truss aforesaid the united kingdom and EU were attempting to confirm Western economies were less addicted to Russian energy.

The foreign secretary aforesaid the Nord Stream a pair of gas pipeline between Germany and Russia would be “a problem” if Russia invaded country.

It would be a difficulty to debate together with her new German counterpart at the G7 talks.

Ms Truss said: “We completely have to be compelled to cut back dependence on Russian gas and energy. And this could be a part of an overall strategy of reducing dependence on non market economies, reducing dependence on malign actors, and ensuring that the accumulation is ready to own that strategic independence it has to survive and thrive.”


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