The government “will stop at nothing to create positive that we tend to get additional rapists behind bars”, Boris Johnson has aforementioned.

The PM told BBC One’s St. Andrew Marr Show that prosecutions for rape and sexual violence were “going wrong”.

He superimposed ladies ought to have faith in within the police, with the nation’s officers “overwhelmingly trustworthy”.

The jailing of Wayne Couzens for Sarah Everard’s murder has raised questions about women’s safety, and trust within the police and criminal justice system.
Couzens was a law officer in London at the time of Ms Everard’s murder, and therefore the Metropolitan Police is facing queries over its failure to prevent him.

What must you do if you’re stopped by police?

Police to be quizzed over Couzens’ work on Commons

Rape case blame game between police and Hz – report

Asked by Andrew Marr whether or not he would launch an freelance public inquiry into the case, adult male Johnson aforementioned he wished the police watchdog to complete its review initial.
He said: “We do have to be compelled to look systemically at not simply the Wayne Couzens case, however the entire handling of rape, violence, sexual violence and feminine complaints regarding harassment, all at once.”

Speaking later, he added: “There square measure delays going down at each stage within the method.

“You apprehend the explanations – it’s all the complexities to try and do with people’s mobile phones, the proof that is created by the defence, and every one that sort of stuff.

“But, in the end, that’s no excuse. we’ve to possess these complaints properly forbidden.”

Over the past 5 years, cases according to police – and at first recorded as rape – have up sharply.

However, the proportion creating it to court – referred to as prosecutions – in this time has over halved, the BBC’s Reality Check team found.

Figures for 2019-20 show one,439 suspects in cases once a rape had been alleged were condemned of rape or lesser offences in England and Wales, the bottom level since records began.

This was down from one,925 the previous year, despite an increase in reports of rape.

Rape carries a penalty of between four and nineteen years’ custody, with a most of immurement in restricted circumstances, per Sentencing Council tips.


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