The Silent Sea Trailer is officially out

Netflix has released trailer for its forthcoming science fiction secret thrill ride, The Silent Sea. The series, set in 2075, follows a gathering of space travelers shipped off the moon to observe a strange example at an unwanted Korean research base. The example possibly holds the key to fighting diminishing regular assets back on Earth, however before the space travelers can finish their main goal, things at the base take a dangerous turn. In light of a widely praised short by the show’s chief Choi Hang-yong, The Silent Sea stars a heavenly cast, with Squid Game graduated class Gong Yoo playing the lead job as Han Yoon-jae and Kingdom’s Bae Doona featuring as astrobiologist Doctor Song Ji-an.

Now, the main trailer for The Silent Sea, delivered by Netflix, prods fear both at home and in space. The trailer opens with a premonition shot of a parched city on Earth, while a commentator affirms that the world’s water will further decrease by 40% in the following ten years. Regardless of showing even more a crushed Earth, the trailer’s center movements to the space travelers’ main goal to the Moon to track down an answer for humanity’s concerns. Things rapidly winding, with the space travelers building up that something isn’t right with the office. Their doubts are affirmed when they observe hallways stacked with bodies, and a screen implies that somebody, or something, is ready the station with them. Look at the trailer underneath:

The Silent Sea hopes to further Netflix’s premium in making K-dramas tasteful toward the Western market after a line of ongoing victories with any semblance of Squid Game and Hellbound, with Squid Game rapidly becoming one of the web-based features greatest shows of all time. Assuming The Silent Sea’s trailer is anything to pass by, Netflix is on to another victor, on account of fabulous projecting, huge financial plan set pieces, and an unquestionably interesting reason. Whether Netflix can pull off a full go-around will be affirmed when The Silent Sea starts streaming this December 24th.


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