The Marvel Cinematic Universe has consistently been a treasure trove for fans that like to chase after Easter eggs. References to the pages of Marvel Comics and past MCU titles are pressed into every film and TV shows, and some are much more straightforward to spot than others. In Hawkeye, the most recent Marvel TV series on Disney+, there’s a truly profound slice reference that connections toward the West Coast Avengers, one that logical just the most extremely observant Marvel fans got. Luckily, one of the show’s journalists called attention to it to everybody on Twitter, and made a move to clarify why Easter eggs like that fuel his affection for Marvel.

Throughout the end of the week, Hawkeye author Tanner Bean live-tweeted his responses to the debut episodes in an extended string on Twitter. At the point when he arrived at the scene in Kate’s Aunt’s loft, he clarified that the banner on the divider indicated previous entertainer Moira Brandon. As he clarified, Moira’s mansion was transformed into the West Coast Avengers Compound in the funnies, so it was simply fitting to have her assist with giving a protected house to the true to life rendition of Kate Bishop also.

“Anybody notice the name on the banners in Kate’s auntie’s condo?? Believe it or not, it’s the previous famous actor and privileged [Avenger]… Moira Brandon! Talk about a funnies deeeeeep cut,” Bean wrote in the string.

“In the funnies: the [West Coast Avengers] – drove by Hawkeye – bought Moira’s mansion and transformed it into the Avengers Compound in L.A.,” the author proceeded. “Thus, in our show, when Clint and Kate required a brief central command, it appeared to be just fitting that Moira’s home could house an Avenger in the MCU as well.”

Proceeding in the string, Bean clarified that these kinds of Easter eggs are one of his cherished things about the MCU. He has consistently been a major fanatic of the funnies, and working with these little gestures allows him an opportunity to associate the two universes as frequently as could really be expected.

“I’ve generally cherished the [Easter eggs] in all of the [MCU] films and shows, so as one of the greater [Marvel Comics] fans in the scholars’ room, I had a ton of fun delving into the IP each possibility I got,” Bean added.


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