A report found former Yorkshire player Rafiq was a victim of “racial harassment and bullying” but the club said it would not discipline anyone.

Yorkshire’s handling of the issues raised by Rafiq was widely criticised – and on 1 November, ESPN reported that the racist term about Rafiq’s Pakistani heritage was regularly used towards him, but the investigation concluded it was “friendly and good-natured banter”.

On Friday, chairman Roger Hutton resigned and on Monday, Lord Patel took over, praising Rafiq’s “bravery” as a whistleblower.

Last week, Yorkshire launched another investigation after another – anonymous – former player alleged he was subjected to repeated racist abuse at the club.

Recounting his alleged experiences, Amjad said: “On one occasion, we were playing a home game and I had played an attacking shot while batting, the ball went up in the air and I got caught out.

“I was making my way to the dressing room and as I got in, when I started taking my helmet and pads off, the individual came marching through the door and he looked me dead in the eyes.”

At this point, the individual used the racist term in reference to “a typical shot” played by those of Pakistani heritage.

Amjad added: “And he just left. I was stunned, didn’t know what to do and was shocked. I had never been directly racially insulted like that to my face. I didn’t know what to do.

“Even before the incident I felt distant, it happened and then I felt isolated after that. Going forwards, I didn’t feel I could speak up or give my views on the game in team meetings.

“It crosses your mind [reporting it] but I was a 16-year-old boy and I didn’t know what to do. I kept it to myself.

“No-one else shared their experiences with me and I didn’t share mine either. If I did open up, those that did experience similar issues may have opened up too.”

It is the latest allegation of racism to come to light at Yorkshire following the detailing of Rafiq’s story.

Ex-Pakistan seamer Rana Naved-ul-Hasan was the second player to allege racism at Yorkshire, saying “systematic taunting” occurred at the club.

Last Friday, Yorkshire chairman Roger Hutton was one of several board members to resign over the club’s response to racism experienced by Rafiq.

On Monday, new chair Lord Patel said Rafiq “should be praised” for his bravery and “should never have been put through” the Yorkshire’s racism scandal.


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