Soyuz MS-19/65S Crew Yulia Peresild, Anton Shkaplerov, Klim Shipenko from GCTC

Russian filmmakers have beaten Tom Cruise to his once-in-a-lifetime goal of being part of the first film at any point to take place in space. As the method involved with filmmaking continues to advance, everything from cameras to visual impacts to editing software have allowed for major changes in what can be done. The past wins that filmmakers like Steven Spielberg or James Cameron have achieved are constantly being challenged with varying degrees of progress.

Unfortunately, Cruise and Liman’s expectations of being the first to film a motion picture in space have been dashed by Russia. According to a thread of tweets from Euronews Next, Russia has sent a crew to the international space station to undergo a 12-day production plan that will see filming take place totally in space. The film will be coordinated by Klim Shipenko and is a joint production from the Russian Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos and Russian state TV Channel One. The film, entitled The Challenge, will star Russian actress Yulia Peresild. Look at the video below:

As of now, details on the film’s plot are not available, however it is known that both Shipenko and Peresild underwent three months of training in order to prepare for their excursion to orbit. Exactly how this will impact Cruise’s passion project is hard to say, however the Russian production is probably not going to sway the Mission: Impossible star from his desire to film in space. For now, this latest milestone can be added to the extended rundown of times that Russia has beaten the United States to space for one reason or another. In 1961, Russia (then known as the Soviet Union) became the first nation in history to achieve a human trip into space. The Soviet Union was also the first nation in history to land a spacecraft on the moon, completing the task in 1959, and the first nation in history to land a spacecraft on Mars in 1971.

Beating Hollywood and the United States to the punch may grate on the nerves of a few, yet in all reality, it’s Tom Cruise who will have the last laugh. It’s safe to say that there isn’t another actor like him anywhere else on the planet, and any production that he’s involved with is always going to stretch its boundaries. What’s more, Cruise’s film – regardless of whether negatively evaluated – will attract audiences globally, boding amazingly well for the film’s chances of outperforming The Challenge. It’s also fair to assume that Cruise and Liman will actually want to learn from the inevitable mistakes of The Challenge’s production, thereby strengthening their own venture.


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