The mother of married woman Everard has told a court she is “tormented” at the thought of what her female offspring endured.

The 33-year-old promoting govt was kidnapped by Met peace officer Wayne Couzens as he incorrectly in remission her for breaching Covid tips.

Couzens drove for many hours before raping and choking her, and setting hearth to her body.

Ms Everard’s mother Susan told the criminal court she had unbroken her daughter’s robe because it smelled like her.
‘I yearn for her’

Reading a victim impact statement in court, Mrs Everard said: “She spent the last hours on this Earth with the terribly worst of humanity.

“Sarah died in horrific circumstances. i’m going through the sequence of events. i ponder once she realized she was in mortal danger.

“Burning her body was the ultimate insult. It meant we have a tendency to may nevermore see her sweet face and ne’er say goodby.
victim impact statement

“Our lives can ne’er be a similar. we must always be a family of 5, however currently we have a tendency to are four. Her death leaves a yawning gap in our lives that can’t be stuffed.

“I yearn for her. I keep in mind all the beautiful things regarding her: she was caring, she was funny. She was clever, however she was smart at sensible things too. She was a gorgeous dancer. She was a beautiful girl.”

Sarah Everard: daughter, sister, friend and colleague

Does following the ‘rules’ keep girls safe?

Ms Everard’s father Jeremy asked for a photograph of his girl to be shown to the court as he scan his impact statement.

He first, though, told Couzens to seem at him, saying: “No penalty that you just receive can ever compare to the pain and torture that you just have inflicted on America.”

Prof Everard told the killer “there may be no redemption” for what he had done.

“All my family wish is married woman back with America. we have a tendency to wanted being a section of Sarah’s world and expected her to own a full and happy life.

“The nearest we will get to her now’s to go to her grave a day.”


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