Institutions are not being judged here, people are being judged and the King Emeritus has made it clear that he is at the disposal of the Justice, said Sanchez, who insisted that Felipe VI is taking transparency and exemplary measures that all Spaniards must value.

To make the Government’s position clear, Sánchez has repeatedly repeated that his party defends the validity of “the constitutional pact.” “I have always defended that for there to be a strong democracy, its institutions must be vigorous and the King’s decisions go in that direction”

The decision of the King Emeritus has caused a crisis within the coalition government itself between the PSOE and United Podemos. This Tuesday the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has assured that her party does not know if there has been a negotiation of La Moncloa with the Royal House regarding the transfer of King Emeritus Juan Carlos outside Spain.

He has indicated that this decision “has not been taken” by the coalition government: “It may have been the PSOE since Moncloa.” The president has responded to these allegations, but declined to clarify why he had not informed his coalition partner.

“The offices that I maintain with the head of state have a field of confidentiality that I will at least respect,” he assured after insisting that he does not know where the king emeritus is.

Not only the divergences have occurred in the forms but also the background. Both Montero herself and Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias have harshly criticized the decision of the previous head of state.

“Everyone interprets that it has to do with trying to evade the action of justice,” said Irene Montero. Some statements that clash with what was said by La Moncloa after the news was known when he praised the behavior of the current King and assured that he respected the decision of Juan Carlos I. “We are a coalition government with a clear program but we have divergences,” Sánchez said. .

This Monday Juan Carlos I announced that he was leaving Spain. The king emeritus communicated to his son, Felipe VI, his “thoughtful decision” to move abroad in the face of the “public repercussion” of the news about his accounts in tax havens and “to contribute” so that the head of state can carry out his function “From the tranquility and calm” that the position requires, according to the letter released by the Casa del Rey.

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