Matt Damon reveals that Robin Williams helped him get cast in Saving Private Ryan. The American actor starred alongside the legendary comedian in Good Will Hunting in 1997, kickstarting the former’s career and resulting in both winning Academy Awards. He then played the titular Private Ryan in the acclaimed WWII movie from director Steven Spielberg in 1998According to a new interview with GQ, Damon couldn’t have ever gotten the part in Spielberg’s film notwithstanding Williams. At the point when the director happened to be in Boston while the Good Will Hunting cast was rehearsing, Williams took Damon and Ben Affleck to meet Spielberg, knowing it could only assistance their careers. However he had already auditioned for Saving Private Ryan and not been cast, meeting Damon in person helped Spielberg see that he was appropriate for the part: 

Robin took Ben and me to meet Steven [Spielberg] because he knew it was never a bad thing to meet the greatest filmmaker of all time and how much we’d appreciate that. I had put myself on tape and I had read for Private Ryan and I hadn’t been cast. He met me in person and said ‘I think I know you from some place,’ and I said ‘Well I did this movie called Courage Under Fire,’ and he goes ‘That’s the one, you know it’s amusing, I said to my better half that’s the exact sort of person I want to play Private Ryan, however he’s too thin.’ Because I’d shed 40 pounds, I was playing a heroin addict in Courage Under Fire. And so it was only because Robin introduced me to him that he went ‘Goodness OK, no you’re the kind of fellow I’m looking for that work. 

In addition to being hilarious and talented, Williams had a reputation for kindness, and this story about Saving Private Ryan is only the latest example of how he helped his kindred actors. Damon attributes a lot of his career to Williams, which appears to be fitting, considering that Damon composed what became one of his defining jobs in Good Will Hunting. However fans continue to miss his quality since his death in 2014, his impact on the entertainment industry has clearly not yet run its course. 


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