Help  from countries likes Qatar, Turkey and UAE, the Kabul airport is expected to be operational for international flights in three days, a media report said on Thursday .

The report said, “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan asked Qatar and Turkey to send their experts and help them in repairing the airport which was made ready for domestic flights in 3 days but international flights are yet to take off and land from the airport” .

According to the Khaama News report, the technical teams from Qatar and Turkey are working alongside Afghan engineers at the Hamid Karzai International Airport.

 It added, “Big screens, computers, scanners, and other electronics have been donated by Qatar and UAE and the technical teams are now busy installing them in terminals” .

 China has announced USD 31 million  to Afghanistan,  the new caretaker government. Hua Chunyin, a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, said the decision was announced during the first meeting of the foreign ministers of Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries.

The country will provide funds for food, winter weather supplies, vaccines, and medicine to the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also announced that China will donate 3 million vaccine doses to Afghanistan in the first batch, according to the Chinese state news agency Xinhua.

The report said that damages worth up to $20 million were inflicted on the airport amid the US troops withdrawal and massive evacuation carried out by several other countries till August 31.

The Taliban have allowed people with relevant documents to travel abroad after the announcement of the government on Tuesday.


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