The Taliban stated  on Monday, that they will announce a new government in Afghanistan soon, denying the delay in the formation of the regime was due to disagreements within the hardline Islamist group.

 The Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said at a press conference there are “some technical things left” and that the new Afghan government to be announced could be interim with a view toward changes in the future, according to Reuters.

Zabihullah Mujahid also said that any insurgency against their rule would be “hit hard”. “The Islamic Emirate is very sensitive about insurgencies. Anyone who tries to start an insurgency will be hit hard. We will not allow another,” Mujahid said at the press conference.

The Taliban also asked former Afghan forces to integrate with the new regime.The latest comments by the Taliban came after the group said it has completely captured the last stronghold of Panjshir, a claim denied by the resistance forces. 

The National Resistance Front said its leader Ahmad Massoud, the son of late former Afghan guerrilla commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, is safe and will soon make a statement. “My leader and brother Ahmad Massoud is safe and will be giving a message to our people very soon!”  NRF spokesperson Ali Nazary tweeted.

The NRF forces are present in all strategic positions across the valley to continue the fight. We assure the people of Afghanistan that the struggle against the Taliban & their partners will continue until justice & freedom prevails,” NRF tweeted. the Twitter account where the information was shared is unverified.

The resistance force said that they are present at all strategic positions across the valley to continue the fight. “Taliban’s claim of occupying Panjshir is false.


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