In  South Africa identified   that a new variant of Sars-CoV-2, the virus which causes the coronavirus disease , has been detected in the country. Variant, C.1.2, they warn, could be more transmissible and avoid protection offered by Covid-19 vaccines.

 The  National Institute for Communicable Diseases and their counterparts from the KwaZulu Natal Innovation and Sequencing Platform  said  in the report the C.1.2 a “potential variant of interest,” which, they say, was first found in South Africa in May 2021 .

 The  variant has also been located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mauritius, China, England, New Zealand, Portugal and Switzerland, the researchers claimed, adding that C.1.2 has more mutations than other variants of concern  and variants of interest  which have been detected globally till now.

Their study, which is yet to be peer reviewed and was posted on the pre-print repository MedRxiv on August 24, further noted that the number of available sequences of C.1.2 may be an “underrepresentation” of the spread and frequency of the variant in South Africa, as well as across the world.

It also found what it described as a “consistent” rise in the number of genomes of this new variant each month in the African nation, rising from 0.2 % of genomes sequenced in May to 1.6 % in June and, finally, to 2 % in July.

The authors of the research termed this rise as being “similar” to the increases observed with the Beta and Delta variants in South Africa during the early stages of detection.

They also explained how C.1.2 evades protection offered by Covid-19 vaccines. “The mutations N440K an Y449H, which are associated with immune escape from certain antibodies, have been found in C.1.2 sequencing.

 These mutations combine with changes in other parts of the virus likely  the latter in avoiding antibodies. This is true also for patients who have already developed antibodies for Beta and Delta variants” .

According to  Johns Hopkins University, South Africa, in the last 28 days, has logged  308,747 cases of the coronavirus disease. The county’s cumulative infection tally stands at 2,764,931 including 81,595 related deaths.


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