Several dozen folks gathered in downtown city weekday evening to denounce the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

Speakers weep expression they felt betrayed by the govt of the u. s., that is retreating its military forces from Asian nation.

A moment of silence was control for fallen troopers who fought within the South land.

But the most important concern was for Afghan ladies and youngsters who protesters say are going to be burdened by the regime.

“They would like freedom,” aforementioned Viktorya Jahesh of the Afghan Women’s Centre and one in all the organizers.

When the Taliban dominated twenty years past, ladies were impermissible from attending faculty or work.

Reports show they were subject to rape and made marriages by the Taliban.

They needed ladies to wear burqas publically and refused to let ladies leave their homes while not a male escort.

Seeking legitimacy, the Taliban aforementioned they’d permit ladies to figure.

But there ar reports that restrictions ar all over again being obligatory on ladies and women.

People at the protest aforementioned it’s imperative governments discuss with the regime so as to ensure women’s rights.

“Women should have the proper to be electoral in parliament,” aforementioned married woman Arshadi, associate degree Iranian-Montrealer attending the protest.

Quebec Premier François Legault aforementioned the province can absorb a precise variety of Afghan refugees as voters.

The centralized has discovered a program to assist settle 20,000 vulnerable Afghans.


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