Jaritos Greek commissioner whom Petros has made the famous protagonist of the Mediterranean crime novel is so involved in the cases he investigates that in relation to the murders of hypocritical businessmen who crushed the poor of his country in the last novel in the series, he says that he would have done the same as the peculiar terrorists.

The novel Hour of the Hypocrites has just been published by Tusquets and is full of flavors that other Mediterranean authors, such as Manuel Vázquez Montalbán and Andrea Camilleri.

Coined as signs of their research and complaint literature. In this new novel by Markaris (Istanbul, 83 years old), the birth of Jaritos’ first grandson is mixed with the appearance of the chilling facts that he must investigate.

The successive birth celebrations and other family festivals, washed down with red wine and tasty gastronomic combinations, are confused with the vicissitudes of the investigations, in which Jaritos resorts to old friends who were part of the Athenian left.

It is, therefore, a human landscape whose character is not alien to the author of those novels, in which it is impossible to imagine that Markaris is not, in the depths of his soul, the commissioner himself. By phone, from Athens.

I grew up in Istanbul came to Athens in 1964 At that time Greece was a very poor country. But the people of Athens were very kind, very nice, and so I reflected on how lucky I was to come to live in Athens. From that day on, I never regretted staying and having my home in Athens … The first virtue of this city is its people.

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