DC Most Successful Release is The Suicide Squad Reveals James Gunn

Some may say that the existence of the new HBO Max spinoff series Peacemaker, which stars John Cena reprising his job, would demonstrate that the film was excelling on streaming. In any case, that show was created during the pandemic after the film’s release date was deferred and closed shooting in July 2021, a month prior to The Suicide Squad debuted. It would be less of a monetary risk to air the series than cover it.

Then again, it wouldn’t be wise for James Gunn to lie about something that HBO could easily discredit, so it seems likely that he’s coming clean. This spells uplifting news for fans of The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker. Assuming the streaming numbers keep on being strong, there’s a possibility that the franchise will live on, however they’ll either need to give the following Suicide Squad project an exclusive theatrical window or perhaps just turn it totally to streaming from this point forward.

On Twitter, a fan tweeted that they trust The Suicide Squad finds a major crowd on HBO Max, to which James Gunn had a surprising response. He declared that “TSS is as of now the biggest DC project ever on streaming and HBO Max.” This hasn’t been officially affirmed by the service, however provided that this is true it would imply that the streaming numbers are most likely strong enough to compensate for its helpless film industry showing, in any event, outperforming the epic, fan-requested Zack Snyder cut of 2017’s Justice League. Look at Gunn’s post beneath:

The Suicide Squad was released in theaters and simultaneously on HBO Max on August 6, 2021, during a period that pandemic-time audiences were especially slow to get back to theaters for something besides Marvel movies. Despite the fact that HBO Max isn’t transparent with regards to their streaming numbers, The Suicide Squad failed to meet expectations in the cinema world and was by and large considered to be a disappointment, especially by the standards of a major financial plan superhero film. It took in $167 million around the world, however on the rear of a $185 million spending plan, The Suicide Squad seemed to wallow.


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