Dunst in interview said that she'd be excited to get back to the role of MJ

The multiversal components presented in No Way Home that will apparently be additionally investigated in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness give the ideal chance to once again introduce Dunst’s adaptation of Mary Jane. In the event that the truth twisting wizardry utilized in the most recent Spider-Man film is strong enough to bring saints and scalawags from different universes into the MCU, there’s no motivation behind why it can’t get love interests also. As indicated by No Way Home’s clarification of how multiversal travel functions, even Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy could be resurrected in future MCU films. On the off chance that the multiverse is really included every possible course of events under the sun, there should be one in which Peter saved her from her lethal fall.

The truth will surface eventually on the off chance that Dunst at any point takes on the MJ job again. She plainly appears to be willing, and Spider-Man: No Way Home set the stage and set up the point of reference for bringing back past emphasess of characters. Regardless of whether that will proceed in future Spider-Man projects is impossible to say, however Dunst is all set.

Dunst in interview said that she'd be excited to get back to the role of MJ

Dunst in meet said that she’d be excited to get back to the job of MJ. Dunst was inquired as to whether she’d be keen on returning to the person, and the entertainer made it clear she’s eager to join the Marvel conflict by and by. Look at her energetic reaction: obviously I would. Obviously. I’ve been gotten some information about that a couple of times. That is a no-brainer. That was an enormous piece of my profession and my life.

Crowds went wild when it was uncovered finally that both Toby Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s forms of the divider crawler displayed in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Many enthusiastic devotees had as of now found they’d show up, yet seeing three ages of Spider-Men on screen together was the exemplification of fan administration. What’s more now that it’s been set up that the MCU can cull legends and reprobates from different universes, there’s no explanation it can’t likewise carry different Mary Janes to the world.


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