New Batgirl set photos shows that Luthor is as yet in prison

This prop found on the Batgirl set raises the likelihood that Luthor is as yet in prison during the occasions of the impending DCEU film. Assuming that is the case, it would viably retcon Justice League’s completion, which saw him escape. Another explanation for the magazine cover, which is by all accounts the more plausible one, is that Batgirl or parts of the film are set before Justice League’s consummation. Some have also highlighted the headline “Luther Hires New Lawyer” as a potential reference to one of Gotham’s most famous attorneys, Harvey Dent.

This is one of a couple of Batgirl set photographs to surface as of late, another revealing a massive mural for Keaton’s Batman, which makes sense, since he is supposed to act as a coach to the DCEU’s up and coming generation of saints. Whether or not this magazine cover is an indication that Eisenberg will return as Luthor in Batgirl remains to be seen, however it will probably fill in as an Easter egg for eagle-peered toward fans.

Since the Batgirl film is underway, numerous photographs have been surfacing internet showcasing various ganders at the set. One of them hails from the Batgirl Film News Twitter account and shows a magazine cover referring to Lex Luthor’s prison sentence for the Capitol Building besieging in Batman v Superman. Look at the set photograph beneath:

A photograph taken on the arrangement of the Batgirl film proposes Lex Luthor is as yet in prison. Jesse Eisenberg made his DC Extended Universe debut as the LexCorp tycoon in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. During the occasions of that film, the villain is arrested and set up in Arkham Asylum, just to escape during Justice League’s post-credits scene and select Slade Wilson, a.k.a Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello) to frame their very own league.

Batgirl will be one of a couple of DCEU films taking the franchise an alternate heading post-Snyder. In the Heights star, Leslie Grace, has been cast as the titular champion affirmed to be the Barbara Gordon iteration of the character. Brendan Fraser has also gotten on to portray the film’s pyromaniac villain, Firefly. Repeating their jobs from past DCEU films are Justice League’s J.K. Simmons as Barbara’s father, Commissioner Gordon, and Micheal Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman, who will appear first in the current year’s Flash film.


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