Sony Delayed the Release Date of Morbius for Spider-Man: No Way Home

However the Morbius delay is basically due to flooding COVID-19 cases, as per the reports that Spider-Man: No Way Home’s box office achievement is a propelling variable for Sony. Also “achievement” is actually a misrepresentation of reality. No Way Home at present records for 12% of 2021’s U.S. box office returns. By racking Morbius for a couple of more months, Sony is betting on its dependable blockbuster and not driving a stake through the core of its lesser-known property.

Plans for an on-screen Morbius appearance started whirling around during the ’90s when the person was set to show up in Blade. After the appearance failed to work out, Morbius’ advancement ended until around 2017 when Sony announced its arrangement for a progression of Spider-Verse discharges starting with Venom in 2018. Improvement on Morbius started vigorously in 2017 after Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama presented their Morbius content to Sony. Be that as it may, the vampiric doctor keeps on battling to advance toward the big screen – the film’s delivery date has been deferred an astounding multiple times, with the latest Morbius postpone pushing the film back from January 28 to April 1.

Sony Delayed the Release Date of Morbius for Spider-Man: No Way Home

This isn’t whenever that Morbius first has assumed the lower priority in relation to a bigger Marvel property. Last January, Sony decided to oblige Venom: Let There Be Carnage as its pre-fall/late-summer tentpole, knocking Morbius to 2022. Now it’s applying a similar procedure to No Way Home, allowing the blockbuster to take off monetarily while Morbius stands ready. Assuming Sony will fight a naturally mindful fanbase into theaters, the studio is basically going to guarantee it meets its main concern to say the least.

For every one of its unremitting postponements, fans appear to be more entertained than disturbed by the most recent Morbius news. In the case of nothing else, it gives the fanbase more opportunity to bone up on Spider-Verse hypotheses, particularly as Sony keeps on disclosing more Spider-Man scalawag projects, like the impending Kraven the Hunter. With Morbius set to incorporate recognizable faces like Michael Keaton’s Vulture, it actually is not yet clear exactly how much the spring delivery will be associated with the remainder of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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