Kate Bishop and Steinfeld's version of Emily Dickinson have a lot in common

Despite her incredible career, Steinfeld also said that taking on another job is always a nerve-wracking feeling, especially as one as dearest as Kate Bishop, who is tipped to be part of the new Avengers. The youthful actress admitted it was “definitely daunting” to play a character that is so adored in the comics, yet that she thinks her performance is “very great.” Indeed, Bishop instantly became a fan-favorite, with Steinfeld bringing the character to existence with an eccentric and vivacious performance, as fans cherished her father-daughter-like relationship with Clint Barton, along with her sudden friendship with Yelena Belova. Given her lead job in Dickinson, Steinfeld is certainly no stranger to tackling famous characters, yet to do as such with two without a moment’s delay is an impressive feat.

Obviously both Kate Bishop and Steinfeld’s version of Emily Dickinson have a lot in like manner. In any case, while the woman are both furiously independant characters, the actress has pervaded the two performances with her own brand of charm and humor, skilfully showing their differences, as well. Thankfully, despite Dickinson ending in December of last year, viewers can still hope to see a greater amount of Steinfeld’s work (both her acting and singing) soon. The actress is set to reprise her job as Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen for the two parts of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, where she will indeed take on a famous and darling comic book character.

In a new interview, Steinfeld talked about her experience of playing the two unique characters, Kate Bishop and Emily Dickinson, explaining how the two are very similar. The 25-year-old drilled down into her feelings towards the Dickinson finale, saying it felt “bittersweet” and “surreal,” having just wrapped up the Apple TV+ series. Ultiamtely, be that as it may, the actress sees an immediate association among Emily and Kate, saying the two are integrated by various personality traits, despite their “various worlds.”

Kate Bishop and Steinfeld's version of Emily Dickinson have a lot in common

“They are the two heroines in their own right, share a drive, mind and passion – and it made me grateful for having spent so much time with a character like Emily. In any case, it’s two totally various worlds, so that’s always kind of jarring! Going from the 1850s to the Marvel Cinematic universe. It’s been amazing and so fun.”

Hailee Steinfeld has explained how her two characters, Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop and her titular job in Dickinson are very similar, despite the two being set in two totally various worlds. Steinfeld has had a busy schedule for November, which saw her release shows on three major streaming services, being delegated the streaming star of November 2021. The actress’ most ongoing appearance was as Kate Bishop in Disney+’s Hawkeye, which saw her pair up with Bishop’s venerated image, Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), to assist take with downing Kingpin and his Tracksuit Mafia, as well as Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova and Alaqua Cox’s Echo. Bishop is profoundly tipped to turn into the following Hawkeye and replace Barton as the MCU’s bow and arrow ace.


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