Don’t Look Up is a Documentary reveals Neil DeGrasse Tyson in a tweet

Don’t Look Up is the latest parody from director Adam McKay, which is a satirical look at how the world reacts to the Armageddon threat of an approaching comet crash with Earth. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and Jonah Hill, the film makes a commentary on the state of social and political tropes that currently swarm present day culture. Turning the apocalyptic event into an exhibit of scorn that translates as biting satire on everything government, politics, online media, news media, etc., Don’t Look Up has had troublesome surveys, with scientists, politicians, and celebrities all saying something regarding it.

Taking to Twitter, Tyson says that he at long last saw Don’t Look Up and shares his own take on the film, noting, essentially, what the film is trying to pass on. Tyson says that the “fictional tale” about how mainstream society, patterns of media reporting, talk shows and, amusingly, online media, have separated the nation, is all the more a documentary rather than a work of fiction. Noting the division of the overall population to “notice critical alerts of scientists” is a notion Tyson can relate to. Here is his full tweet:

While Tyson is a renowned scientist by his own doing, his popularity has seen him show up in multiple film projects, frequently as himself or another variation. In 2016, he showed up in both Zoolander 2 and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as himself. He has likewise showed up in multiple TV and animated projects, incorporating guest spots in The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bojack Horseman, Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Up until this point, Don’t Look Up has propelled a multitude of reactions from watchers, with some caring it, some hating it, and some observing it to be an on-the-nose representation of the state of the world. While the film is not really a factual representation of genuine events, it draws on a lot of current equivalencies that fit its satirical nature, which Tyson, in the same way as other watchers, got on. There’s a lot to debate and consider in how Don’t Look Up presents the way the world would deal with a genuine apocalyptic situation, and Tyson’s commentary just adds more fuel to the debate.


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