New photos revealed from the set of How I Met Your Father

As the subsequent image makes impeccably understood, How I Met Your Father kicks off with Sophie turning 30. However she might be entering another phase of her life, her friends still appear to be completely content to take part in some silly antics, and watching anything that’s going on in the above picture wake up in the series premiere will likely be interesting. As the How I Met Your Father trailer prodded, the arrival of Sophie’s 30s brings some apprehension as she battles to find a meaningful connection with somebody, yet with a supportive gathering of friends close by, she’ll doubtlessly find her direction.

The controversial ending to How I Met Your Mother has been bantered finally for a really long time, yet there is still a lot of affection for the series to be found. Accordingly, there are bounty motivations to be excited for this spin-off. However it will focus on new characters, How I Met Your Father seems to hold the components that made fans love the original show to such an extent. This could turn into the following buzzy parody, provided each of its episodes stick the landing.

However the two pictures hold little visible connection to the flagship HIMYM, the spirit is still there. The first image finds Sophie and co. at their go-to bar Pemberton’s (likely to be the new Maclaren’s), while the subsequent’s hijinks bring to mind the original series in a big manner. Look at them down beneath.

New photos revealed from the set of How I Met Your Father
New photos revealed from the set of How I Met Your Father

Similar as how Bob Saget filled in as the voice for a more established Ted’s stories, Kim Cattrall is ready as Sophie’s future self. How I Met Your Father finds Sophie recounting the (likely) wordy story of how she met the father of her children. The 2022-set stories will find Sophie and her friends embarking on excursions of self-discovery and love in the time of dating applications. How I Met Your Father likewise stars Chris Lowell, Francia Raisa, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran, and Suraj Sharma.


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