On the ten-year anniversary of Ghost Protocol, director says he loves Mission: Impossible 6's bathroom fght

While the Mission: Impossible franchise has always been known for its impressive stunts, it wasn’t until Tom Cruise hung himself off the Burj Khalifa in Ghost Protocol that the films truly started to be specifically showcased around their hazardous feats. Maverick Nation highlighted Cruise holding his breath for north of six minutes (a record just as of late beaten by Kate Winslet for Avatar 2) and performing dangerous bike stunts, and, most as of late, Mission: Impossible – Fallout included Cruise performing a HALO bounce and learning how to do helicopter stunts. Notwithstanding the more bombastic stunts, Fallout also highlighted a standout fight scene in a club bathroom with Cruise, Henry Cavill’s August Walker, and their objective.

While the Mission: Impossible films are famous for their outlandish and stunning stunts, McQuarrie proves that, in any event, when the action is more contained and intimate, it can still be just as thrilling. The sequence, which involves Hunt and Walker attempting to sedate an objective in request to assume his personality, sees Walker use their face-scanning gadget to smash the objective in the face, rendering it useless. Both Hunt and Walker then, at that point, need to improvise and change their arrangement progressively, something that, as Bird hints at, is quintessential to the Mission: Impossible franchise. The movies habitually test Hunt and his capacity to improvise by having plans turn out badly and having innovation come up short.

On the ten-year anniversary of Ghost Protocol, director says he loves Mission: Impossible 6's bathroom fght
Left to right: Jeremy Renner plays Brandt and Paula Patton plays Jane in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.

In another interview commemorating the ten-year anniversary of Ghost Protocol, Bird set aside some effort to praise crafted by his successor on Mission: Impossible – Fallout, specifically, the film’s bathroom fight. According to Bird, the scene exploited Cruise and Henry Cavill’s intense physicality, it was “shot delightfully,” and it included just the kind of humor that he enjoys. Look at Bird’s full remark underneath:

“What’s more I think that one of my very favorites has been the bathroom sequence in the last film, the most late one. I think that was just perhaps the greatest thing I’ve at any point seen. Also what was extraordinary was that the fight itself is really consistent, what’s going on and the way that they use this case as a weapon and suddenly they need the case to capacity and they just trash it – it’s just precisely the kind of humor that I love. Tom and Henry Cavill were physically amazing in that scene – and it was shot wonderfully.”


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