The 63-year-old socialite hit out at her ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ co-star in a trailer for the show’s upcoming reunion special, and the clip also saw Kathy’s half-sister Kyle Richards ask to leave filming early. She says: “You fight with everybody. What you did to my sister [Kim Richards] and you drove Lisa Vanderpump off the show. I mean, the list can go on and on.”

The trailer had started with a moment described as “the end of taping”, with Kyle crying and asking to depart filming. She says: “I’m really not OK now. I don’t want to sit here for a toast. Can I leave?” A series of flashbacks then play out, including one from “two hours earlier” in which Kathy hits out at Lisa.

Later in the trailer, the reunion show’s host Andy Cohen reads out allegations made by Lisa about Kathy. He says: “Lisa said that you said, ‘Dorit [Kemsley] is a stupid, useless idiot. Crystal [Kung Minkoff] and Sutton are pieces of s***. I will destroy Kyle and her family if it’s the last thing I ever do.’ “

Kathy who is mother to Paris, Nicki, Barron and Conrad with her husband Richard Hilton said: “I said some things about Kyle that I should not have said. It was how I was feeling. I never said anything about Lisa. I said them to Lisa and it was off camera. I think she just was unhappy that I said anything. And that’s her business.

Lisa insists: “I was being abused by Kathy Hilton.” But Kathy hits back: “Baby, you wanted it on camera because your contract was coming up.” She then says to Lisa: “You are the biggest bully in Hollywood, and everyone knows it.” In July, Kathy told how she had “repeatedly apologised’ to her half-sister Kyle after igniting a feud, after saying things about her she “should not have said”.

“I have to take responsibility. I was frustrated. I should not have said anything. And I did apologise and apologise. Thankfully, I’m now in a better place with Kyle.” ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ reunion starts on October 12th at 8pm on Bravo.


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