Non-binary Australian singer G Flip has opened up about how they met their Selling Sunset star girlfriend, Chrishell Stause. The star, real name Georgia Flipo, said that it was Dance Monkey hitmaker Tones and I who introduced them. 

‘Me and Chrishell, we’ve been hanging out a lot, we met through Tones And I,’ the 27-year-old told the Herald Sun. ‘She has not been to Australia but I think she’ll come at some point,’ G Flip, who uses they/them pronouns, added.Chrishell stars in the music video for G’s upcoming single, Get Me Outta Here. 

The Selling Sunset star, 40, who has not defined her sexuality, said that she’s ‘attracted to masculine energy’ and ‘does not care about the physical form’ in a new video posted to Instagram on Tuesday. During the four minute clip, Chrishell also stated how she has the utmost respect for her ex-boyfriend Jason Oppenheim, who showed his support in the comments by telling her that it was a ‘beautiful video’. 

She and Jason were dating in the most recent series of the real estate reality drama but split due to Jason’s reluctance to have children. Following their split she sparked a relationship with G-Flip, 27, who identifies as non-binary. 

In the caption of the video, Chrishell wrote: ‘For those that are open to learning sex is anatomical and gender is how someone identifies. These two things are often confused. ‘There are many more qualified people to speak on this but maybe I can be the bridge to those of you open to understanding. Feel free to tag helpful accounts and I will pin however many it lets me. Thanks for listening.’ 

The video follows reports that Chrishell has moved G Flip into her home, which she was able to buy with some of the money she made from selling her wedding ring from ex-husband Justin Hartley, according to report. While Chrishell seemed to have moved on from her relationship with her boss Jason, it seems he’s more than a little stuck on her still. Jason broke down over his ‘very difficult’ split from the ‘love of his life’ Chrishell during the Selling Sunset reunion which aired on Netflix on Friday. 

The broker got emotional as he told how he ‘f**ked up something that was really good’ and that he will struggle to see her happy with another person because he’ll ‘never meet someone like her again.’ 


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