Check Out The New Fan Poster For Doctor Strange 2

Maguire is one of the many individuals reputed to have a cameo in Doctor Strange 2. The actor as of late repeated his Spider-Man alongside Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield in No Way Home, in this manner working up excitement for his iteration of the character. The fact that Doctor Strange 2 is coordinated by Raimi – the same mastermind behind Maguire’s whole spell as Spider-Man – has simply prompted more interest in seeing Maguire suit up again for Multiverse of Madness. However nothing has been affirmed at this point, there has even been some unquestionable proof that he will turn up; Maguire’s Portuguese voice actor was seen alongside Olsen’s in a social media post, implying the two cooperated on a Marvel project.

Among Maguire and Stewart, Doctor Strange 2 has the potential to be the ultimate converging of Marvel past and present, perhaps significantly more than No Way Home was. Up to this point, Marvel is keeping everything fairly secretive; despite the fact that Stewart’s voice was heard in the trailer, there hasn’t been any unequivocal confirmation that he was the person who talked. The chance of having Maguire onscreen again for Doctor Strange 2 is an astonishing one, but at the same time it’s something that probably will not be affirmed until he swings into the action in May. Up to that point, fans can channel their expectations into more theories and art.

Similar as No Way Home, Doctor Strange 2 is supposed to incorporate a really amazing number of Marvel cameos. The idea of the multiverse has allowed for all pre-MCU Marvel motion pictures to be viewed as canon inside this world, and there have been signs that Doctor Strange 2 expects to make great utilization of the open doors that idea gives. Yet again for example, the new Doctor Strange 2 trailer appears to feature the voice of Patrick Stewart, apparently back to play X-Men’s Charles Xavier onscreen.

Faced with the potential for quite some time returns in Multiverse of Madness, fans have been abuzz with ideas for who may be incorporated. For example, another banner created by digital artist César makes Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man the new face of Doctor Strange 2. Spider-Man, with a wrecked mask, seems to be heavily influenced by dark magic, perhaps at the hands of Scarlet Witch.


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