Speculations are rife that huge investments are made by MBA Chai Wala for the Bangalore-based skill app.

Over the years, if anything, that has attracted the maximum attention of people from across different sectors around the world, it is the consistent growth of a few niches. This consistency in the growth and development of a few businesses could become possible because a few visionaries, who worked around powerful ideas and made sure to put them into action to make a difference they wished to see in their industries and ultimately in the world. We saw one such visionary in the Co-founder and CEO of Conker World Pvt Ltd named Arvind Arora (@ArorajArvind), the one whose visions led to the birth of a skill-based app called Conker App, which today is a huge contributor to the initiative Skill India.

However, today, besides the app earning much momentum for how it helps changing the lives of the youth, turning them more skilled through their best ed-tech education, it has also gained much momentum for the kind of backing and support it has received from the well-known entrepreneurs. Rumour has it that this time it is Prafull Billore, most famously known as MBA Chai Wala (@Prafull_mbachai), the young Indian businessman who is also a growing angel investor.

People in the business space, especially in the digital education sector, are already enthused by the fact that a high-performing “Chaipreneur” and a modern-day businessman like MBA Chai Wala has chosen to support Conker App. It is said that he wanted to support the initiative of Skill India and also become a face of the same. Hence, he chose Conker App to show his support and be a great contributor to the growth of the Indian youth across fields.

It is also said that a huge investment of 1-2 crores is made by the young entrepreneur, and the team at Conker (https://www.conkerworld.com/) is really looking forward to doing more in the coming years to empower the youth.

Let’s wait and watch how things turn out.


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